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This section last updated on 2/16/13

Schedule of Future Meetings:

•March 21, 2013

•April 26, 2013

•May 17, 2013

(Check Flyer below for Times and Locations)


•Week of May 17, 2013

•Week of March 21, 2013

•Week of February 22, 2013


•ELAC/SA- May 17, 2013

•SSC-May 17, 2013

•SSC-April 16, 2013

•ELAC/SA- April 04, 2013

•SSC-April 04, 2013

•ELAC/SA- March 21, 2013

•SSC-March 21, 2013

•ELAC/SAC-February 22, 2013

•SSC-February 22, 2013

•SSC-February 22, 2013


•ELAC/SAC @ Children's Hospital - April 04, 2013

•ELAC/SAC @ Totally Kids- April 04, 2013

•SSC @ Totally Kids -April 04, 2013

•ELAC/SAC @ Children's Hospital - March 21, 2013

•ELAC/SAC @ Totally Kids- March 21, 2013

•SSC @ Totally Kids - March 21, 2013

•ELAC/SAC @ Children's Hospital -February 22, 2013

•ELAC/SAC @ Totally Kids- February 22, 2013

•SSC @ Totally Kids - February 22, 2013

•ELAC/SAC @ Children's Hospital - January 24, 2013

•ELAC/SAC @ Totally Kids- January 24, 2013

•SSC @ Totally Kids - January 24, 2013



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Click here for Parent Flyer for meetings on the week of January 22, 2013

Testing Dates for CST, CMA, CAPA
April 2013


Staff Development Meeting



More Upcoming Events


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The 2011-2012 school year is our 64th year of providing service to students residing within the boundaries of the District that need their educational needs met in the home or hospital while they are recuperating from an injury or illness.

Our teaching staff on



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Who We Are

  District Policy Bulletin about Carlson Service (#1229.1) Note: School nurses, you will find Carlson's medical referral form at the end of this document. It is also provided in our Forms menu.

Employment Information

  Carlson Policies and Procedures Manual 2011-2012 (Rev. 10.18.11)




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